How Joomla changed my life …


I did my engineering in Computer Science, worked briefly at Defense R&D Organization and later moved to Motorola where I worked for around 6 years as telecommunications engineer on various wireless technologies like GSM/GPRS, WiMax and LTE. Since last one year or so, I have been building websites and web applications. And some time back I co-founded a web applications development firm with my brother who too is passionate about Internet and web applications.

From Telecom to Internet, it has been a wonderful and super exciting journey and though it might sound a little crazy but Joomla (Yes, Joomla) had a very large role to play in turning me from an employee to an entrepreneur.

One fine day when I had little work in office, I came across Joomla while surfing (useless random searching can land you anywhere :-)). Though I had no interest about website  building at that time, I found Joomla quite interesting. In almost couple of hours I realized how easy it is to build a website using Joomla without writing a single line of code. Since then there was hardly any day (hectic or not) when I didn’t spend some time learning something new about Joomla or website building in general. During weekends and in free time, I used to build sites using Joomla just for fun on a local server on my PC. Around same time, I read about freelance platforms like Elance and oDesk and came to know about few people (some from my friend circle as well) who had quit their day job to work full time as freelancers. By then, I was kind of Joomla expert. Being your own boss is a dream of every (well, almost) employee but only a few dare of chase that dream. I did and here I am running a startup with 7 employees (as on June, 2011).

After Joomla, learning other frameworks and technologies didn’t take much time (thank god, I attended some of the classes in college) and we started building all kind of websites and applications. Today we have more than 100 clients around the globe (mostly SMBs) and more than 25% of clients have worked with us more than once.

Had I not come across Joomla, I probably wouldn’t have discovered my passion for Internet and web applications. I sincerely thank Joomla and the strong developer community behind it for building such a fine application which has the capability of changing lives (in a positive way of course :-))

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