Even Amazon can goof up newsletters


Today I received a newsletter from Amazon about free global shipping on orders above $125 USD. Like any typical e-commerce site newsletter, it had plenty of links. Incidentally I clicked on a specific banner link in the newsletter and to my surprise (you don’t expect companies like Amazon to goof up such things), it landed on a 404 page with address not found error.

Here is the newsletter with banner highlighted on which I clicked.

Amazon newsletter link going to page not found error

And here is the page where I landed after clicking the link.

amazon newsletter link not workingNo big deal. Most of the e-commerce companies are notoriously (in)famous, specially in India, when it comes to email marketing. I receive newsletters from most of Indian popular e-commerce sites though I don’t remember subscribing (or registering) on more than half of them. In past, I have had issues where even after unsubscribing, I kept receiving newsletters from fashionandyou.com

Compared to all this, the linking error in Amazon’s newsletter is a very small issue considering most other links in the newsletter work as expected. On a separate note, free shipping on orders above $125 USD is really cool!

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