Negative Feedback (?)


I was talking to a friend recently who mentioned the term negative feedback (not the one related to Electric Engineering) while sharing details of his recent appraisal. That was not the first time I heard the term but it got me thinking how an innocuous feedback could be negative because by definition, feedback is supposed to be used as a basis of improvement. How something, which helps you improve as a person or as a professional, could possibly be negative?

But then it’s all about individual perception. How one interprets a feedback makes it positive or negative. To make the matter worse, it’s not necessary that all feedback are honest. However that’s a separate topic and my theory about nonexistence of negative feedback is based on assumption that all feedback are genuine.

Feedback is a friend. It has the potential to turn us into a better human being if we embrace it with open arms. So my dear friends, whenever you see someone cribbing about so called “negative” feedback, make them realize that what they are cursing is actually a blessing in disguise.

4 thoughts on “Negative Feedback (?)

  1. People often confuses with the terms, appreciation, complaints & feedback— and this is wat gives rise to sumthng called positive & negative feedback.
    In my opinion, feedbacks can be a boost up signal to signify u r on right track or they can be a scope for improvement to show u the right track and are never ssociated with end results & evaluation for which we have seperate terms called appreciation & complaint.
    But, its upto the perception of the person u r dealing with that how they take it..

  2. This blogger is addressing today’s confusion over the topic of “criticism”. No one knows what to call criticism because, like negative feedback, what’s being communicated is some degree of negativity in an effort, as this blogger is explaining, to be of help. While the negativity is intended to bring about positive results, the negativity can also be used for destructive purposes. Perhaps the difficulty people have is with the negativity associated with both terms. Like this blogger is suggesting, it’s time to re-think this whole subject- especially if we are seeking “quality information” from colleagues and friends we can trust!

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