Cross browser add-on for searching highlighted text on Bing


If you’re a Google Chrome user, you must have noticed the Search Google for ‘selected text’ when you select/highlight text on a web page and click on right mouse button. It allows you to search the selected text directly in Google (screenshot bellow).

google search context menu

The same option is available on Firefox as well. After all Mozilla is funded by Google. Apparently, no such option was available for searching on Bing … till now 🙂

Actually there are a few available but they weren’t as easy to use and required multiple clicks for searching, e.g. right click on selected text and then click on the search option. Even Google’s own search option requires two clicks. But using the Bing Search add-on extension, you can search on Bing directly in just one click while using Chrome or Firefox. As soon as you select/highlight text on any webpage, a small box with link appears clicking on which you’ll be taken to Bing with the selected text as search query (screenshot below).

search selected text on bing

Personally I am not a big fan of Bing and use it rarely so this add-on is dedicated to all MS fanboys who still rely on MS products like Windows, IE, Bing and so on. By the way, did I mention that I am the developer of this extension/add-on 🙂

You can download the Bing Search extension for Google Chrome and Firefox using links below.

Browser - Google Chrome

Browser - Firefox

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