Top t̶e̶n̶, one resolution for 2014


One more year passed and it’s time to make resolutions for the new year. I made around 8 new year resolutions last year but failed to keep most of them and was hardly able to keep the rest only partially. So, am I the only one who is so pathetic at keeping up the resolutions? Apparently not. If this post from Forbes is to be believed, only 8% of the people actually achieve their new year resolutions.

After observing my performance (and the performance of 92% of population as well) at keeping the resolutions year after year, I have decided that there is no point in making resolutions at start of every year and regretting at the end of the year over and over again.

So, here is the moral of the story and my top resolution for this year – Take the life as it comes and stop making resolutions 🙂

But if you are from the 8% (those who keep resolutions) of the population or even belong to the 92% (those who fail to keep the resolutions) but jealous of those 8% then you can keep trying.

And for the rest like me – Happy New Year 2014 (w/o resolutions).

happy new year 2014

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