How to manually flash the OTA updates on OnePlus One


Couple of months back I bought OnePlus One after my Nexus 4 screen was shattered to bits and pieces when it fell from my hand accidentally. So much for Corning Gorilla Glass 2 protection 🙁

Device came with CM11 and the first thing I did was to root the phone. Few days back, CM12 OTA was release for Lollipop however since I had rooted my phone with TWRP recovery, I did not get the same. So I manually flashed CM12 (YNG1TAS0YL) image. Right after my OnePlus booted with CM12, it started downloading an OTA update (YNG1TAS17L). I was so happy that OTA are working again on my rooted phone. However, disappointment came after OTA download finished and I clicked on “Install Update” button. Few seconds after clicking on it, my phone rebooted and went into TWRP recovery instead of continuing with update installation. I tried numerous times but with no success. Continue reading