The joy of completing five years …


A couple of days back, LinkedIn posted an update on my wall saying I completed 5 years at Sopan Technologies. Just for the context, I happen to be the co-founder of Sopan Technologies.

At first I couldn’t believe … has it really been that long?

The next thing which came to my mind was a stat I read somewhere few years back,

More than 80% of the new businesses fail within 1-2 year.

And then a deep sense of satisfaction took over me. After all we managed to survive all these years. Was it easy? I wouldn’t say it was. During this journey, I had to make a number of compromises on personal front – financially, physically and even emotionally but when you have the support of your family and friends who understand how much it means to you doing what you do, life becomes a lot easy. I guess that is what makes all the difference between success and failure. If you are passionate about what you do and if you have a solid support system then you have already reduced the chances of failure significantly.

I am really thankful to my family, friends and team (my extended family) for all the support and love they have given me. My wife deserves a special mention, she has stood with me against all odds and difficulties during this time, not to mention the fact that I can be a very difficult and unreasonable person to deal with when it comes to my company.

Coming back to the success and failure part – Are we, as a company, successful? Difficult question to answer since success can have different meaning for different people. I would like to believe we are on the right track and would be “successful” by all typical standards of success in near future. Financially speaking, we aren’t where I would have liked us to be at this stage but we aren’t far too behind and making good progress. Both revenues and our team are growing, we have never been in a better position so yes, I am quite confident we would actually reach where we want to be pretty soon. And when we do, I’ll probably write a sequel to this post 🙂

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