How to manually flash the OTA updates on OnePlus One


Couple of months back I bought OnePlus One after my Nexus 4 screen was shattered to bits and pieces when it fell from my hand accidentally. So much for Corning Gorilla Glass 2 protection 🙁

Device came with CM11 and the first thing I did was to root the phone. Few days back, CM12 OTA was release for Lollipop however since I had rooted my phone with TWRP recovery, I did not get the same. So I manually flashed CM12 (YNG1TAS0YL) image. Right after my OnePlus booted with CM12, it started downloading an OTA update (YNG1TAS17L). I was so happy that OTA are working again on my rooted phone. However, disappointment came after OTA download finished and I clicked on “Install Update” button. Few seconds after clicking on it, my phone rebooted and went into TWRP recovery instead of continuing with update installation. I tried numerous times but with no success.

I was about to give up but then I thought about flashing the downloaded update manually through TWRP. After a few minutes of search, I found the downloaded file under /sdcard/Android/data/com.cyngn.fota folder. Rest was easy, I installed/flashed the update file using TWRP recovery.

Just to summarise, here are step by step instructions. Assuming OTA update was downloaded already on your phone.

  1.  Boot the phone to TWRP recovery.
  2. Click on “Install”. Choose the installation image from /sdcard/Android/data/com.cyngn.fota folder. (NOTE – If you downloaded OTA update manually then provide path accordingly)
  3. After the installation is over, clear the Dalvik Cache and Cache from Wipe > Advanced Wipe menu.
  4. Hit Reboot.

That’s all you have to do. In case you are wondering if your data (apps, contacts, sms etc) would be deleted, no it wouldn’t delete your data. This worked for me so it should work for you as well however just to be safe, take a backup of your data before trying this out. You can use TWRP backup or apps like Super Backup.

I hope in future as well, OTA updates would be downloaded automatically and I can then flash them manually.

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