Kingfisher and Kolaveri


What KFA (Kingfisher Airlines) is going through now a days is not a secret, but a recent incident shows that Kingfisher is now completely running “Ram Bharose”.

A few weeks back, I booked a return ticket to Bhubaneswar from Delhi for 19th January, 2012. I chose KFA because tickets were cheapest at that time. Last week I got a call from KFA that my onward flight to Bhubaneswar is cancelled, which was kind of expected since almost everyday there are news of Kingfisher flight cancellations. I called up their customer care and they accommodated me in Air India flight on same day. By the way, both AI and KFA are in cash strapped position so I won’t be surprised if that flight is also cancelled.  Anyways I was happy that I am saved from the trouble of getting refunds and re-booking the ticket on some other airlines.

Today I checked the flight status of Bhubaneswar to Delhi flight and was shocked to see that the original flight (direct) was cancelled and KFA changed my itinerary (as mentioned below) without informing. If you’ll look in the ticket below, you’ll find that they changed my direct Bhubaneswar to Delhi flight into multiple hopping flights via Kolkata, Bagdogra and Guwahati. Journey which was supposed to complete in 2 hours was now almost day long. I somehow convinced myself that it’s better than cancelled flight.

I checked the ticket to find out when exactly I would reach Delhi and then everything was just Kolaveri. If you’ll carefully look at the ticket you’ll find that first flight from Bhubaneswar was supposed to reach to Bagdogra via Kolkata at afternoon 12:15 on 23rd January and connecting flight from  Bagdogra to Delhi via Guwahati was at morning 08:50 on same day. WTF!!!

How the hell I am supposed to catch the connecting flight from Bagdogra at 08:50 AM when the flight from Bhubaneswar itself reaches at 12:15 PM in Bagdogra? I immediately called their help desk and the poor chap who attended the call had to bear the brunt of my anger. However he calmly listened, apologized for the incident and accommodated in Air India direct flight from Bhubaneswar to Delhi.

All’s well that ends well! I just hope now AI shouldn’t start cancelling their flights 🙂

P.S. – Kolaveri = Murderous Rage.