Over the last few years, I have helped many web based businesses kickstart and grow.

My job is to turn your brilliant business ideas into awesome products and services.

Shishir provides outstanding consultation and work with respect to project management and app development. Highly recommended!

 – Drew Juen, Small Business Consultant

I hired Shishir and his firm Sopan Technologies to build a complicated website for me. In the past, I had not had good luck outsourcing my web needs to India due to poor language and miscommunication issues. I did not have any of those problems with Shishir. I found that he was very responsive and professional. He answered my questions and was patient with my lack of technical knowledge. I would certainly recommend him to anyone looking for a web developer.

– Daniel Morton, Product Marketing

So how does this work?

If you are interested in starting a new Internet based venture or have an existing business which you need help with, get in touch with me. We’ll discuss and come up with an actionable plan to achieve your business goals. Everything technical would be my (and my team‘s) responsibility so you can focus on what matters the most – your business.

We not only help developing platforms (websites, applications) but also work with you in growing the business through various marketing channels like social media, content and search marketing.

It’s easy to start a new (Internet based) business given the low barrier to entry however due to the same reason, it’s very difficult to survive and grow since now a days there is immense competition among new businesses to become the next Google, Facebook, Amazon, WhatsApp and what not, unless you have a very unique business idea which solves a real consumer/business problem.

But even if you have such a brilliant business idea, there is a good probability that you may still fail due to variety of reasons, e.g. choice of wrong technology, platform quality issues, poor execution, inadequate/poor marketing among many others.

Once you hire us, it becomes our responsibility to ensure such issues do not happen and your path is success is laid out to maximise chances of growth.

So, you have a business idea? Let’s talk.