My take on #GiveItUp (LPG Vs Parliament Canteen Subsidy Debate)


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Government is asking citizens, those who can afford, to give up LPG subsidy voluntarily. Why? In 2013-2014, government spent nearly Rs. 40,000 Crores on LPG subsidy. Even if a small percentage of population gives up subsidy, it would result in considerable savings to the exchequer. And that would not only help reduce the fiscal deficit of our country but more importantly, will help the people in lower income category get cooking gas at subsidised rates. Continue reading

Work Life Balance? What?


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At some point of time, you must have come across the discussion about work-life balance. During initial few years of my career, I too participated in numerous such discussions which usually ended with thoughts like,

  • Yes, it is very important. Need more time for myself.
  • Wouldn’t take work too seriously now.
  • Would leave office on time whatever it may be.
  • It’s time to (re)focus on my hobbies.
  • and so on …

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How to manually flash the OTA updates on OnePlus One


Couple of months back I bought OnePlus One after my Nexus 4 screen was shattered to bits and pieces when it fell from my hand accidentally. So much for Corning Gorilla Glass 2 protection 🙁

Device came with CM11 and the first thing I did was to root the phone. Few days back, CM12 OTA was release for Lollipop however since I had rooted my phone with TWRP recovery, I did not get the same. So I manually flashed CM12 (YNG1TAS0YL) image. Right after my OnePlus booted with CM12, it started downloading an OTA update (YNG1TAS17L). I was so happy that OTA are working again on my rooted phone. However, disappointment came after OTA download finished and I clicked on “Install Update” button. Few seconds after clicking on it, my phone rebooted and went into TWRP recovery instead of continuing with update installation. I tried numerous times but with no success. Continue reading

Post Uber Ban in Delhi


Despite the ban on Uber, I was easily able to avail the service (twice) today. While booking I wasn’t sure if I should do that given the headlines in all major newspapers about banning Uber but then I couldn’t think of any other service and since app was working and showing availability of vehicles, I went ahead with the booking. Continue reading

Active Menu Highlighting for External Link Type in Joomla


While working on a Joomla website, I realized that if you have an external URL type menu item in your Joomla site then most likely active menu highlighting won’t work for it. Active menu highlighting basically means that the current menu selection is highlighted as a visual clue to show the website user which menu is currently selected. In the example below, currently menu item 2 is shown as selected. Continue reading

5 steps to enhance your chances of getting first job on Elance and oDesk


Lot of people I meet ask how did I get started with freelancing. Was it easy to get jobs initially? How long did it take to get the first project? What works and what doesn’t and so on. I keep getting requests to answer similar questions on Quora. So I thought of creating this post which systematically lists down simple steps to get projects and be successful on freelance website like Elance and oDesk. Continue reading