What’s going on @Tradus.in??


UPDATE: After almost a week of posting this, the information shown on the page is still the same (misleading). After the post, Tradus started following me on Twitter. Apparently, they only noticed that someone mentioned them on Twitter but didn’t try hard enough to find out why!

Original post below

I was looking for an affordable Android mobile phone online and one Google search landed me on tradus.in. Check the screenshot below and notice the red boxes highlighted in the screenshot.


  • There is no link to the seller profile, just plain text styled to look like a link. God only knows the source of ~5 star ratings of these sellers.
  • There are 2 sellers (as per the site) selling this particular phone, GovindElectronic and H S Distributors and both of them have a rating of 4.8, 96% positive feedback and more importantly same number of transactions – 8484.

What’s the probability that 2 sellers are selling the same product and having identical number of transactions over a period of 12 months and exactly same feedback response and ratings. Further, there is no link to seller profiles to verify the genuineness of ratings? Statistically speaking, that’s very much unlikely and the information provided is false and misguiding.

I am not sure how many users actually believe in the information shown without verifying it but it might still be working for them which is why they are showing false (or should I say source-less) information despite being a significant player in Indian e-commerce arena.

Well, next time when you research for something online, make sure you leave no loose ends. Good luck!