How to bulk unsubscribe from unwanted email subscriptions?


Today I came across this wonderful website on Mashable. This website allows you to unsubscribe from all unwanted email subscriptions very easily from a single dashboard. As of now, the service supports only Gmail. Yahoo and AOL email accounts however they would start supporting other email options very soon. It shows all subscriptions with a single click unsubscribe option for each subscription.

Today morning I had almost 150 subscriptions (most of which I never check)  as shown below.

After cleaning up, I have just over 30 subscriptions left which I find useful. If you are wondering how does it takes control of your inbox to unsubscribe from subscriptions then here is how it works in brief – One you grant permissions to your Gmail, Yahoo or AOL accounts, it crawls your inbox and finds the subscription emails you have received in past. Based on the collected information, it shows a list of current subscriptions in website dashboard from your you can unsubscribe to any subscription in just one click. You still receive your email subscriptions however removes them from the inbox and shows them under Rollup section in their website where you can still see those subscriptions.

Currently they are in beta and via Mashable they have offered 5000 invites. If you want to avail their service then you can signup using this link. In case, these invitations are exhausted, let me know via comment on this post as I have 5 invites with me.